Magnum 2000 Inc.



Magnum 2000 Inc. began producing precision parts in 1981.  Privately owned by the same family, the singular focus is to be the lowest acquired cost supplier by making parts faster and with more control.  Introducing industry leading technology and developing innovative tooling has allowed us to remain competitive over the last 30 years.

At one time, Davenport machines were a multi-spindle lathe technology that dominated the field.  Magnum recognized this and grew a department unparalleled among its competitors.  However, with advancements in technology and the introduction of European engineering; Hydromat, rotary-transfer machines and Euroturn, multi-spindle machines allowed for greater flexibility and repeatability.   Magnum 2000 Inc. adjusted the investment focus and divested the old technology and built one of the largest groups of these machines in North America.

Now, as we look to the future, Magnum has invested significant amounts in high volume, CNC technology to continue our focus to be the lowest acquired cost supplier.